Please help Ewa!

Ewa Kieryk is 15 years old and lives in Bierutow - it's a small village in Poland. January 5, 2012 Ewa hurried for school. She didn't want to be late and decided to take a shortcut through the railway tracks. In this village there is no footbridge. People from the north part of village have to go through the railroad tracks or use the railroad crossing located over a mile away.

She was sure that the train (as usual) is standing on the siding and decided to go between the railroad cars. Unfortunately, the train started and Ewa fell under the wagon.
Accidental witness called on help and stayed with Ewa. Rescue helicopter transported her to the hospital in Wroclaw. Following the accident Ewa lost both legs.

It's a miracle that Ewa survived. She loves football (especially Liverpool F.C.), photography and dogs. But her biggest dream is to be able to walk again.

How you can help

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